"New Era, New role and New Actions": Summary and Recognition Meeting of Cametal Party Branch at the End of 2018

2019-01-25 Back

At 13:30 p.m. on January 25, the branch committee of the CPC Cometal (Foshan) Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. held the final summary and award ceremony of "Excellent Party Members" in the Party Member Room of the company. The meeting was hosted by Chen Bing, Secretary of the Party Branch.

First of all, Chen Bing, Secretary of the Party branch, made a summary on the year-end work of Party construction. Over the past year, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee at a higher level and with the strong support of the chairman of the company, the Cometal Party Branch has always attached great importance to the work of Party construction and put it into practice. Taking the implementation of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party as an opportunity, we should strive to construct the Party work of the "two new" branches at the grass-roots level. The Party branch has played an effective role as a battle fortress in the company, and each member has also been in a banner role.
Next, the a  awarded was prized to Comrade Li Guanming, an outstanding Communist Party member of Cometal. Comrade Li Guanming is a PLC Engineer. He not only actively participates in the volunteer activity and organizational life, but also does his struggle to improve his professional skills. Comrade Li was awarded the "technical expert" in the Electrical Professional Skills Competition" Nanhai district , Foshan city, Guangdong in . Facing all kinds of difficulties and challenges in installation site, he can actively deal with them. He uses his professional skills and experience to reduce costs. While receiving feedback from customers, the comrade is conscientious and responsible in his work, he also does not forget to safeguard the interests of the company. In the after-sales dept, he can always solve all kinds of problems in the installation process in time, and achieve extraordinary results in ordinary jobs.  

(Comrade Li Guanming is testing PLC))  

(Comrade Li Guanming participated in the voluntary blood donation activities in Zhongbian Community))

(Comrade Li Guanming won the Excellent Party Member of the Year 2018))

Finally, the Party branch of the company calls on all Party members to take Comrade Li Guanming as an example, conscientiously perform our own duties. And hope that in the next year, Continuing to play the spirit of craftsmanship and strive for the company's development, and adhere to the "Party construction, warm-hearted project" as the goal of 2019.
Branch Committee of CPC Cometal (Foshan) Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. January 25, 2019