Carry out safety training and emergency plan

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In view of the situation that most employees are still immersed in atmosphere after spring who become loose in safety thoughts. under the organization of the Leading Group. at 16:30 on February 15, 2019, safety training and emergency plans for full-time re-production was held in the workshop, and by the group leader Cheng Xingxing and presided over by the Deputy group leader Chen Bing (Group Leader Cheng Mingxing made a remark).
The training exercises are as follows:
 1. Safety production laws and regulations, rules and regulations, operating rules, emergency rescue and emergency disposal skills, safety measures for resumption of production, etc.
 2. Learn the first aid methods of CPR, wound dressing skills, and emergency drills on escort hospital.
3. Explain fire knowledge, acknowledge fire fighting and fire escape drills.。  
The purpose of this training and drill is to enable employees to enter the workplace in the best condition, to complete all work smoothly under the premise of ensuring safety, and to avoid safety accidents caused by mental and psychological mistake. Through training and drilling, the safety awareness of the company's employees has been effectively improved, which laid the foundation for the post-holiday resumption of work safety. The participants completed the training and drilling with full enthusiasm and good mental state.
 Leading Group of Cometal (Foshan) Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. Restoration after Spring Festival Feb. 15, 2019

(Vice Team Leader Chen Bing introduced safety training and emergency preparedness skills))


(Simulated first aid method of CPR)  

(Demonstration of wound dressing))  

(Emergency Exercise for Escorting Hospital))  

(Simulated escape situation)