Barbecue Event with “Craftsman Spirit Found Brand" to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

2018-09-30 Back

24, September, 2018. In order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cometal  held a barbecue party with theme “Craftsman Spirit Found Brand". On that night, everyone enjoyed the pleasure of guessing riddles while eating barbecue, leaving behind the exhaustion of work and enjoying the good time.

grand occasion of  Barbecue

General Manage Mr.Meng gave a speech, and then the party officially began!  

Unity is strength, make a fire so easy~

The kitchen was busy for preparing the barbecues.

Getting ready...  

Look at this delicious food , slavering. ing...  

BDD: Only our department has photos. You don't have any, yeah!
[Welfare is coming! 】】】 One barbecue is not good enough enjoyable. Want to do it again? Now comes the chance! Please give your thoughts or opinions on the Mid-Autumn Festival party. You can also tell Xiaobian what kind of activities you want the company to hold in the future. We will select 5-7 lucky guys in the message to give a barbecue oven with a + 5kg carbon box. The selection criteria are as follows: the highest number of points of praise is 1-2 + excellent people in the message. Let's move your fingers and take the gift home.~