Heat treatment plant

Aging equipment

The aging line consists of the stacking system, automated basket handling system and ovens for the artificial thermal aging treatment of the profiles.

Depending on the type of plant, the baskets where the profiles are automatically or manually loaded are stacked by a crane and destacked when the treatment is finished.

When profiles are handled without racks, the ovens have been designed for direct loading through conveyor roll ways.

The gas-powered ovens are of the convective type: the load is heated by convective thermal exchange with the hot air circulating in the chamber. The internal chamber of the oven is divided into two parts. In the upper area a centrifugal fan creates recycling of the air, which is heated by passing through a system of radiating tubes, while the profiles to be treated are placed in the lower part. The following types of ovens are available, which can be divided according to the direction of recycling of the heating air flow and type of plant:

Longitudinal recycling oven for traditional baskets;
Longitudinal recycling oven for large basket;
Longitudinal recycling oven for use without baskets
Transversal recycling oven