Basket stacker



The full baskets from the aging oven are placed one by one on the roll table for the unloading of the stacker.

Spacer stacker

Spacer type 4 stacker is a widely used. It is called spacer type stacker because it places between profiles

The system consists of the following parts;a main driving door-type transmission structure fixed on the ground;a vertical movingauxiliary driving for loading profiles;a spacing allocation unit, which can set partitions in predetermined positions to store profiles;an electric belt picks up profiles from the cutting roller , and a chain group and an electric roll track are used to move the basket.
The equipment can interact with the existing baskets in the workshop, and can be used on 2 or 3 axes
The 2-axis type can locate the profiles in the inner of the basket and store them directly on the top of the profiles. The lower profiles must support the weight of the upper profiles. During this period, slightly thin profiles and formed profiles may be deformed.

For the 3-axis type, the partition support profile group is placed on the appropriate bracket in the basket.

This internal structure has two advantages: 

firstly, eliminating the risk of profile deformation, secondly, the larger air flow in aging furnace enlarges the space-time gap between the layers.

The same equipment, a single model, may be automatically unloaded after heat treatment by reversal cycle operation. In addition, an external travel of the driving equipment supporting the clamp is used to implement manual unloading of the profile.