Informatization start up meeting of Cormetal (Foshan) Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd.

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In the informationization era, information has become an emerging production force, while information society represents the inevitable trend of social progress. Using information technology has become a global trend for updating our enterprise. Through the deployment of computer technology to improve the efficiency of production and operation of enterprises, can reduce operational risks and costs, improving the overall management level of enterprises and the ability of sustainable operation.

“ Informatization start up meeting  of Cormetal (Foshan) Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd”was held in the training room on. at 11 o'clock on March 1, 2019

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ye Meisheng, Assistant General Manager and Sales Manager of the company, made a speech. He motivated people to believe that the informatization process of Cometal is an irresistible and continuously business strategy which will  insist in the following future.

After, Sun Mingyao, PLM project manager of service provider Guangzhou Dingjie Software Co., Ltd., introduced what is about PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), which implements a set of business solutions, effectively integrates people, processes and information, and acts on the whole enterprise. It traverses the whole life cycle of products from concept to scrapped period, supporting product-related collaborative research and development, management, distribution and use of product definition information, and it also publishes the organizational structure of Cometal PLM project, introduces PLM management and how to use it.

During the introduction of the organizational structure of Cometal PLM project, Manager Sun announced the appointment of Huang Yaoming as the project manager of Cometal PLM management, Fan Miner as the system construction specialist, Deng Mingjun as the system management and software maintenance specialist, and Wenyu, Li Yingjie, Fan Xiyi and Huang Guixin as key users and data team members. Managers of all departments must actively support the PLM construction work.

As a Sino-foreign joint venture, Cometal strives to absorb all advanced production management concepts; as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, Cometal struggles not only to innovate in technology, but also to create a road with characteristics of the enterprise in management. Implementing PLM management system can not only improve the information system and standard, but also further improve the overall level of production and management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, bring economic benefits, so that the company is in an invincible position in the fierce market.

 (Left three are member of PLM project team)

(Mr. Sun Mingyao, Dingjie PLM Project Manager, is introducing PLM software)

Mr. Ye Meisheng, Assistant General Manager and Sales Manager of the company, made a speech during the meeting.