⑿Automatic stacker

spacer type stacker

 The complete automation of the operation of pick up and deposit of the profile reduces the employment of human resources in operating the plant, thereby eliminating any possible damage of the baskets and profiles.

The carriage holding the plier is equipped with a stroke extension to facilitate possible manual unloading of the profiles.

Rack stacker

The system does not envision the use of spaces and reduces handling in the working are. The splines are taken from the packaging are to the stacking area.

The number of racks used is significantly reduced-a plant can function with about 20 large capacity racks, as opposed to 150-180 racks in a traditional line, without envisioning storage.

The complete automation of the plant reduces the necessary manpower

Maintenance costs for the racks are eliminated by their automated management.

The stacker is installed directly on the floor, without requiring the realization of a foundation for lodging of the basket.

Belt stacker

The absence of spacers permits great simplification of the system, reducing handling to a minimum.

Cycle times and employment of personnel are significantly reduced.

Maintenance intervention is facilitated by the accessibility of the structure.