Balanced intensive cooling system features: Adjustment of the intensity of cooling and differentiation of the flow rate of water and /or air along and four principle sides of the profile is extremely flexible

Proflies with complex shapes are cooled in a balanced manner, significantly reducing distortions and improving quality

Another prerogative of our cooling system is the high intensity of cooling-even heavy sections are cooled with hoods having a length between 7.5 and 5 m

The system has been designed to permit internal passage of the baby-puller, thereby enormously reducing discards of bar in special alloys

The quantity of water utilized is limited thanks to the balancing of the flow rate-especially when the optional management, software is used(OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE-BOS) 

A water recovery system avoids waste.

COMETAL also supplies a complete series of traditional cooling systems of various intensities, which range from non-intensive air solutions to the BALANCED INTENSIVE COOLING SYSTEM-standing wave combination in order to permit the management of every production plant need.